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The Victor Group, LLC is a Rhode Island-based government relations and legislative lobbying firm


What We Do

We successfully engage our state’s political leaders and decision makers at the federal, state, and municipal levels of government for the advancement of our client’s legislative agendas through the implementation of intelligent, effective and ethical advocacy. The Victor Group navigates the complex and sometimes confusing corridors of government with political and legislative strategies providing a wide range of services and solutions.

Governmental Relations & Lobbying

Governmental Lobbying


The Victor Group has an extensive legislative practice honed by years of experience building successful coalitions and relationships within the RI General Assembly thus effectively navigating the waters of government in order to advance the interests of its clients. The Victor Group performs such legislative activities as drafting, analyzing, and tracking legislation; preparing and delivering testimony; and legislative forecasting.


The Victor Group has an extensive executive practice dealing with the most senior levels of state government. The success of The Victor Group’s executive practice is based upon an understanding of the interrelationships within the executive branch. The Victor Group effectively links the Governor’s office and the appropriate cabinet leaders to achieve its client’s objectives. Having worked extensively within the executive branch of state government, The Victor Group is uniquely poised to help clients with executive practice matters involving policy, rules and regulations, and procurement.

Municipal Advocacy

The Victor Group leverages is experience and relationships with municipalities to help its clients with municipal permitting, procurement and enforcement issues.  The Victor Group understands its clients’ issues and works collaboratively with town councils, municipal officials and their staff, as well as law enforcement officials, to obtain the desired result on behalf of its clients. 

For more than 20 years, Leonard Lopes, founder and president of The Victor Group, has helped private sector clients and non-profit organizations engage the state’s political leaders and policymakers to promote good policies. 

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